Instagram Reels: A New Way to Reach Consumers Through Advertising

Instagram has been changing the way that brands advertise for some time now. The latest change? Instagram Reels Ads, which are videos between organic Instagram reels.

Since June 2021, the video feed of / TikTok “imitation” has incorporated advertising across the world. They’ll seem just like any other Reel, with a full-screen, looping duration of up to 30 seconds, and they’ll appear between other videos. A tiny “sponsored” tag will appear below the name of the advertiser

In April, Instagram began testing advertisements in Australia, Brazil, Germany, and India. Other than the fact that there are more advertising appearing in the app, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about more promoting making its way into it. Facebook also announced this week that ads will be available for Oculus Quest applications “in the near future.”

Only in August 2020 did Reels come out, and the firm has yet to provide specifics on how the new format is faring. Recently, Instagram head Adam Mosseri told The Verge that while the format is increasing, the company isn’t “yet satisfied” with it. The function is now accessible in more than 80 countries.

Where will the Instagram Reels ads be shown?

Instagram users can be served your Reels ads in a few distinct ways, including:

  • In the Reels tab, accessible in the bottom center of the mobile screen
  • On the Explore page, mixed between standard posts and stories
  • In their feed, mixed between posts

Instagram Reels ads may be found in the same places as organic Reel content is discovered. This is a fantastic chance for firms to improve their game, get innovative, and capture their viewers’ attention while they’re browsing through comparable material.

Is it worth investing in Instagram Reels Ads?

As always, when Facebook launches a new advertising placement in one of their platforms, the prices for advertising will usually be lower compared to the incumbent placements in order to generate a large customer base quickly. Right now – in the month of November 2021 – the the Instagram Reels placement can still be considered much cheaper than the other conventional placements from a CPC and CPM perspective. Hence, if you want to generate a high reach and subsequent sessions at an affordable cost level, then Instagram Reels is the way to go. However, as always, it is important to use content which is native to the respective placement.

Best practices when it comes to Instagram Reels ads

Do you want to know how to make the most of your Instagram Reels adverts? Keep in mind these top strategies for creating effective, engaging advertisements. Remember that a wonderful Reel ad is similar to any other great Reel!

1. Ensure and adequate length

The first step: Make sure the Reel fits within the 30-second restriction and isn’t prematurely cut off.

Instagram Reels advertisements, like standard Instagram Reels, run between 15 and 30 seconds. You risk losing out on the opportunity to share your company’s most important message with potential customers if you make a video that is too long.

2. Know what your customers / audience finds interesting and engaging

Don’t just guess! You won’t have to anymore since Instagram Reels Insights has become a thing.

The insights provided by Instagram Reels are metrics that show how your Reels performed in terms of reach and interaction.

Analyze these figures to determine which style of Reel your present followers like the most. Then, when creating Instagram Reel advertisements, try to imitate that same style.

Perhaps your Reels analytics indicate that your audience is particularly interested in how-to Reels, and that the same arrangement allows you to reach the most people. Making a how-to Instagram reel ad may be a smart strategy to connect with your target demographic and encourage visitors to click on the ad’s call to action button.

3. Make sure to add audio and text

Audio is quite essential — especially for Reels. The proper audio to your Reels advertising will help them blend in with organic Instagram content.

However, be considerate. Some of your target audience may have the volume turned off on their phone, and some may have hearing difficulties, so also make sure that the video content works in an event where there’s no sound.

Adding captions to your Reels (Reel advertising included) is an effective method for ensuring that everyone may comprehend, like, and interact with your material.

4. Don’t forget to get your content dimensions right

No one will click on a blurry ad. Make sure the clip you’re using in your Reel is in the proper aspect ratio and size for full-screen Instagram ads.

A Reels ad’s aspect ratio is 9:16, and the best file size is 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. If you submit files that don’t fulfill the requirements, they could come out blurry or badly cropped.

5. Get yourself into the Reel spirit

Reel ads and commercials are a fantastic method to demonstrate how exciting, creative, innovative, or strange your brand is. So regardless of whether the objective of your Reels ads is to create brand awareness, drive traffic, views, clicks or conversions, make sure to keep the content fun, engaging, and native to the placement.

If your material is too pushy and sales-focused, your audience will most likely continue to the next Reel without watching yours to the end.

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