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Building and scaling e-commerce businesses / Interview with Vasilij Brandt — Founder of Blazar Capital

In today’s episode of Highway to Scale, we’re joined by Vasilij Brandt, the Founder of Blazar Capital, and a Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Nordgreen. In this podcast, Vasilij will tell us more about the work of start-up incubators as well as the process of building and scaling e-commerce businesses.

Highway to Scale is a podcast in which we explore the ins and outs of business success. In each episode, we’ll be interviewing CEOs, executives and managers from young successful companies that are making it big on the market. We’ll talk to them about their business beginnings, and what did it take to go from 0 revenue to hundreds of employees and millions in valuation.

The Future of E-Commerce – What Brands Can Expect From The New Normal [Keynote]

The online retail experience continues to evolve as technology trends change the way shoppers interact with merchants digitally and how Ecommerce founders run their businesses. The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly supercharged the development in this space and has brought forth major transformations.

Are you interested in hearing about how Ecommerce businesses leverage technology trends already today or are getting ready to adopt transformations that are just on the edge of becoming a reality?

🎤 Presented by:
Moderator: Morten Lodal Askekilde, Co-Founder & COO, MXNEY
Panelist: Vasilij Brandt, Co-Founder & CGO, Blazar Capital
Panelist: Kristoffer Degn, Co-Founder & CCO, Custimy.io
Panelist: Josh Plante, CMO of Soundboks
Panelist: Christian Harboe, Co-Founder of Scandinavian Biolabs

The Future of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing [Podcast]

In this episode of Ecom Secrets, Daniel Bidmon interviews Vasilij Brandt about a variety of interesting topics from the world of E-Commerce and digital marketing.

Get exciting insights into topics such as influencer marketing, internationalization, augmented reality and more.

Daniel Bidmon and Vasilij Brandt will also talk about the major online marketing and e-commerce trends of the next few years and what they will mean for your company.

Daniel Bidmon & his team will show you how to set up the marketing for your online shop in such a way that you can profitably scale to 6 to 7-digit sales. With Facebook Ads, the right customer approach and other methods to grow successfully.

Vasilij Brandt, Co-Founder of Nordgreen [Podcast]

In this episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast the host talks to Vasilij Brandt about his career, background and the founding story of his watch brand – Nordgreen – which launched in 2017. The Scandinavian watch brand has Danish design and sustainability as its two main pillars. The host – Peter Brooker – and Vasilij also chat about leaving a secure job to start a new brand without funding, why true sustainability goes beyond the product, winning a Red Dot Design Award, and why the brand chose to work with designer Jakob Wagner.

Vasilij Brandt – E-Commerce Master Class [Podcast]

Vækstrejsen (Translated: The Growth Journey) is a podcast which serves to inspire its listeners in all parts and avenues of a ventures growth journey.
Besides Blazar Capital / Nordgreen, various hyper-growth companies including Goodiebox, GoMore and others have participated in this podcast series.
In this episode, the growth journey of Nordgreen and Blazar Capital is discussed. The main focus is in E-Commerce, and how Nordgreen – through it’s e-commerce and marketing activities has reached +100 million DKK in just two years. Please note, this episode is in Danish.

From 0 To 100 Million DKK in Two Years [Podcast]

CMO After Hours is a Danish marketing podcast, which serves to interview entrepreneurs and CMO’s from various types of industries. The main topic is mainly organised around hyper growth, and what an entrepreneur / CMO has done on a very hands on basis in order to scale his / her respective business from on level to another.
In this episode, the growth journey of Nordgreen as well as the brands strong sustainability positioning is discussed. Please note, this episode is in Danish.