Best Platforms to Use for Native Advertising: Taboola, Outbrain and More

As Native Advertising has been on the rise, more and more companies are turning to it as a means of marketing their products. Native advertising is seen by many to be a less intrusive way of reaching out to potential customers without getting in the way or being too salesy. It’s also less likely for people to block ads from appearing on their screen.

Native Ads are usually placed in areas where content is already being consumed. The Native advertising platform’s on the market allow you to have your ads easily accessible when people want to view or read a certain article, post or even video. It also lets advertisers control what type of ad they would like their potential customer to see making it incredibly useful for brands that have a range of products they want to promote.

Native ads are also seen as being less intrusive and more appealing for the viewer as it’s not too salesy or in your face which is why Taboola has been so successful. The company works with some major brands that you may know such as NBC, Conde Nast Publications and even

What platforms should you use if you want your Native Ads campaign? Read this blog post for some of the best ones!

Taboola, Outbrain, and others

Taboola is one of the most renowned Native Ad platforms out there with over 300 million monthly unique users across 187 countries. The company has had a huge success since it was founded in 2007 so their track record speaks for itself.

Through exclusive partnerships with many of the world’s top publishers, Taboola serve 360 billion content recommendations to over one billion people across the web each month. Those recommendations might show up on sites like Bild, Bloomberg, NBC News, The Independent, MSN and The Weather Channel.

They provides native advertising that has high-scale, access to unique content consumption data, and world-class AI technology. Consumers are open to discovery, and they see your content or product when in discovery mode. Taboola is effective across the buyer journey––from raising awareness to also driving online purchases.

Outbrain is another Native Advertising platform that has been around since 2006 with over 120 million monthly unique users. The company works by matching advertisers to the content on their site, for example if you have an article relating to fashion then there will be a dress advertisement next to it when someone views your article.

Taboola and Outbrain are two of the most popular Native Advertising platforms but there are many others such as Taboola Japan, Kinja and Nuzzel. Native Ads has also been seen to work well on social media platforms such as LinkedIn with Native InLinkedIn and Native Twitter campaigns.

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