6 Best Advertising Channels on Social Media

Social Media Advertising in 2021

Social media advertising is a great way to reach billions of people around the world. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and Weibo are all very popular social media sites that advertisers can use to promote their products or services. This article will outline the best social media advertising channels that you should be using in 2021.


The best place to start with social media advertising is on the most popular platform, Facebook. This platform has over two billion users and it’s constantly growing.

Regardless, if your brand stands to profit from sharing industry-related news, short (short-form) videos, graphics, and other visually appealing content—particularly if your primary audience is over the age of 30—consider having a Facebook presence. You might also consider using Facebook groups to bring your consumers or community together online. Facebook groups are not meant

You can advertise on the site by using their ads manager which allows you to set your budget, target age ranges and other demographics, as well as locations for ads you want people to see. With so many people on Facebook, you’re guaranteed to reach a lot of your target demographic in most parts of the world except for in China where the service is banned. If you want to advertise through Social Media in China, then Weibo is the right platform for you, as Facebook and other major western platforms are restricted in the country.

There are several methods to create a successful Facebook ad marketing, but if you make sure to use ideal timing, target your biggest audience, safeguard your brand, and encourage interaction, the platform may deliver the best results.

Both video content as well as imagery can be used for advertising on Facebook, across all of their available placements.


Instagram celebrated its tenth birthday in the fall of 2020, reaching double digits. Despite the fact that Instagram has been around for some time, it is still quite young, and it continues to develop in new ways for businesses to expand their organic efforts into sponsored ones.

Instagram is a popular social-media network with over 1 billion monthly users. When we consider active users, Instagram ranks second after its counter-platform Facebook. With more individuals joining the network and viewing their Feed, Stories, Discover tab, and IGTV, the popularity of the service and regular new feature launches provide brands of all types with an opportunity to be successful on the platform.

For those whos audience should be reached through visuals as opposed to heavier content advertising efforts, Instagram may be the best choice. Instagram’s ad formats are comparable to those on Facebook. All of Instagram’s ad formats appear in the user’s feed, with the exception story ads and which appear between Instagram Stories videos, and Reels ads, which appear in-between organic reels.

  • Photo ads: Single photo advertisements that show in the user’s feed. A single image, a description, and a call-to-action are all part of this form of advertising.
  • Video ads: Single video advertisements that play in the user’s feed. Single video ads may be up to 60 seconds long and can either be filmed in landscape or portrait orientation, with a caption and call-to-action included. Sound is available for video advertisements.
  • Carousel ads: The most effective ad formats are those that resemble the content a user is looking for. They include a carousel of photos or videos that the user may swipe through to discover more material, just as they would in a newsfeed. Carousel ads allow you to tell a more complete brand or campaign narrative, showcase a variety of products, and so on
  • Stories ads: Stories advertisements were originally launched in 2016. Between the user’s Stories, stories ads are immersive, full-screen adverts that play audio. If the user has sound enabled, audio for Stories ads will play automatically.


Although YouTube may appear to be a simple video hosting website, it is far more than that. Many marketers neglect YouTube as a social media platform, but it creates unique connections in ways no other social networking site does.

YouTube’s reach is also noteworthy. On mobile, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any other network or cable channel.

When traditional marketers wonder where their audience has gone, most of it can be found on YouTube.

YouTube also has a wealth of other features and services that you can take advantage of. Additionally, YouTube is more than a video-sharing website. Yes, if you produce for YouTube and distribute it on different platforms, you will get greater exposure for your work. The site is a community in itself.

The ability of social media sites to put you in a community is one of their greatest features. The comments, followers, and channels elements of YouTube allow the platform to be both huge and unique at the same time.

With so many users uploading and sharing material on YouTube, the site is a fantastic location to market unusual advertising content. Product evaluations, testimonials, walkthroughs, and unique demonstrations can all help a company get ahead of its competitors.

YouTube also enables the integration of conventional media and social media. There’s a reason why companies pay $5 million for a 30-second Superbowl commercial. Traditional media and advertising are still effective as well.


Do you want to use TikTok Ads for your business or brand?

With over 800 million monthly users, it’s never been a better time to start. As one of the most popular software applications in 2020 with over 800 million monthly users — now is the moment to begin.

A creative and well-targeted TikTok campaign may drive excellent (and enormous!) results, whether you’re aiming to make sales, drive traffic to your website, or launch a new product.

TikTok Ads, which include targeting, ad creation, insights reports, and ad management tools, gives a strong yet simple-to-use platform to assist businesses and brands reach millions of users across the world.

TikTok Ads aren’t as popular as Facebook or Instagram ads yet, but they’re a fantastic way for businesses to expand their reach. And now is the ideal moment to start investing in TikTok advertising – because few firms and businesses have recognized their potential, meaning the CPC and CPM prices are still lower than many of its peers.

TikTok Ads has a lot of unique tools to help companies and organizations succeed, whether you’re a small firm with a tight budget or are launching a large, long-term campaign.

The process of developing, delivering, and optimizing your ads may be automated using TikTok’s advertising platform-tools, similar to Instagram Ad Manager.

TikTok Ads offers two budgeting options: daily and lifetime. Your budget isn’t fixed with either option; you may adjust it at any time throughout your campaign. You may also choose who you want to reach out to based on their gender, location, age, hobbies, and other personal characteristics.

Similar to Facebook and Instagram’s Ad Manager, you may create “Custom Audiences” and “Lookalike Audiences,” which can be used to target new audiences who are similar to your current ones.


This site best suits companies with a large budget. You can use their ad manager which allows you to set up campaigns and adjust your spending limits per day, as well as who sees the ads in different regions!


This site is best suited for businesses with mid-sized budgets and less than five employees. It’s also best if you want more control over your social media advertising as it allows you to upload offline content, link videos from other sites, and best of all, it’s a mobile app.

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